The beta site is up. For the first time, we are front-facing our users. This is a huge milestone.

About the project

It has been over a year, since the project officially kicked off. I’ve started coding in October 2013. There has been some work done before that, of course. Planning, testing some of the ideas. Lots of discussions about crypto and what would be the best contribution. Deciding if the exchange is actually a necessary component, or should we go with some value added services instead. Over the counter system? Marketplace? Jobs? Lots of talking with friends. Trying to assemble the team. After the collapse of Mt.Gox and with other exchanges constantly getting into trouble, it was clear that a solid foundation with reliable, trustworthy and fast order matching is a must for the entire cryptocurrencies ecosystems. It is the foundation. After about 300man/hours, I’ve got the initial working prototype. Internally it had a modern exchange design, based on the efficient ring-buffers and LMAX architecture. After the next 300man/hours I’ve got to a first preliminary release. I’ve shown it to friends and colleagues, where limited amount of people involved in the project started testing it. It was our first deployed version. That was early 2014. There has been some serious problems with the implementation. The testing demonstrated that major aspects needed to be re-implemented. The core of the exchange has been re-written from scratch. Christopher joined the team. He did most of the testing and refactoring work, especially in relation to the testing harness. The test count reached mid 50s. Then Tomek joined the team, and the front-end had a major re-work. In addition to the initial 400man/hours we needed extra 1600man/hours later to reached the BETA launch. It is a huge milestone. We all are excited about ¬†this point.

I’m a bit of Quantified Self junkie, and I’d like to provide users with exact work details about the exchange, and how it becomes a reality. But, this will have to wait a bit.

Personal history

I’ve started working on the preliminary plan back in February 2013, having by then already few years of Bitcoin experience. I’ve first read the whitepaper and started reading about cryptocurrencies. 1BTC was worth 8 cents at that time. It was not many of them on the market, the news just spread out. No, I have not bought any at that time. Reading, experimenting with some ideas. And constantly thinking about possible support to the community.

I have strong computer science background, working with advanced GPU programming, networking stack and projects for Sun Microsystems and Oracle. What can I contribute to the community? Code. That’s how it started. The exchange is a complex piece of engineering, which currently has just over 60 test cases just on the matching side, and efficient LMAX-based implementation. The front-end has over 100 tests. It slowly gets into shape. The implementation is not as modular as it could be, but it is solid and fast exchange.

What’s next

Testing, testing, testing. And more testing. We already identified some issues, and work on them has started. There are more tests to be done, and we planning to include some user-centric ideas into the exchange, involving some gamification elements, user verification workflow, and fees/taxation processing. EU introduced some hoops providers of digital services have to jump over, and we are working to comply. Then more tests. And we shall see, what’s next.


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